Tuesday, 20 April 2010

How things change!

I was just looking through my computer and came across some images of my old artwork. I used to paint and doodle alot before I had my little ones - mostly alien type creatures. It is strange to see them again, I have got no idea where the originals have gone - i think they might be at the back of our shed, i will try and dig them out tomorrow. These creatures were like good friends to me, I was in a completly different world then. I wonder if there are still they are still inside me???.....we shall have to see :)


  1. These are really great, I especially like the little blue guy on the pink background.

  2. They are very good, think the one near the top with the teeth and the hands is my favourite. I know what you mean about things changing regarding artwork after a baby/babies- I miss some of my 'good friends' too x

  3. The first two are really impressive!