Monday, 12 April 2010

Crafty swap.....and look what I got!

So on Friday I recieved two unknown packages through my door, then I remembered the swap! How excited was I? Not knowing what was inside, it felt like Christmas. In my mystery parcels I was thrilled to find two beautiful items.

A beautiful black glass pendant from
I really love the paler streaks to the side, it gives it a little something extra.

And a really lovley bookmark from it's the little things
I really love the copper findings and it has a luck theme.

I hope the recipient of my swap item was as chuffed as I am, definatly worth taking part in.


  1. Hey Lucie, glad you liked the Bookmark, i blogged about the inspiration for it here

    take care x

  2. Those are lovely items, love that bookmark, very pretty.