Sunday, 31 January 2010

Finding My Handmade Happiness 3/17

This is such a cute necklace from Pumpkin Pye Boutique

Bread and Butter....

.....Yum! Check out these tasty bits of handmade bread and butter, freshly baked from the Etsy community.

Go on many an adventure with little butter

Perfect partners! Valentines card from theRasilisk

Tasty little treats from BabyLovesPink

Friday, 29 January 2010


My very funky Black and Pink button ring, has been included in TheLunaGirls gorgeous treasury, "BOWS!"

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


I am determined that this year my business is going to grow. I have been reading alot in the etsy forums on how to create a successful online business, so I have been working to get things ticked off the list; starting a blog being one of them.

I have been redoing photos, and I am so pleased with the results. I still have a few more to work on, but there is definatly a huge improvement.

Once my new photos were sitting in my shop, i took a look at my banner. It looked SO bad! I had redone it only a couple of months before and had been really impressed with myself. But since putting up my new photos i kept looking at that banner and hating it the more I looked at it. So for the past couple of nights I have been working on a new one, and finally last night I created something I am really quite pleased with (for how long though, I don't know).

Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Finding My Handmade Happiness 2/17

A striking print from


...I thought this might be a bit of a struggle to come up with some beautiful goodies, but I am so pleased I typed it into etsy, as I found some stunning artwork.

I love the detail, truly beautiful

Love it!

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Finding My Handmade Happiness 1/17

Taking inspiration from my list, Things That Make Me Happy, I will be searching the handmade communities that I am part of, for beautiful items that make me smile.

So for the first insallment it will be FAMILY, I typed this into Etsy, Folksy and Dawanda, and I found these lovely pieces.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

So Im blogging!

Well I am taking the plunge and starting a blog, I have been putting it off for a while, but as my business grows, I would like to share my experiences with the world.

Who am I then? I am Lucie, 27, living in Aberdeenshire. I live with my amazing fiance Frae, and our two young children Dylan (3) and Daisy (almost 18 months).

Other than looking after my little family and doing all the motherly duties, I make bright and funky jewellery and handmade cards, which I sell online.

S o m e T h i n g s T h a t M a k e M e H a p p y

My family


Bread and butter



Listening to my little ones laughing

Polka dots

Hot pink



Baking cakes (and the eating of these cakes)


Watching Frae play with the babies (it makes my heart flutter)


Stripes (i love my babies wearing stripes, I see something and I cannot resist)


Plastic beads

So there is a little about me. Hopefully there will be lots more to share, but I am quite shy, and sometimes I don’t do talking, so it may be a little quite…but it will always be full of colour!

lucie x