Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Healing properties of......breastmilk!

My little girl has been suffering from a really nasty eye infection for the past few days, and the drops that had been prescribed to her from the doctors seem to have given her a rash. My fiance, Frae, was searching the net the other night and found alot of posts saying that breast milk has amazing healing properties. So yesterday, poor little Doozie, got milk sprayed in her eye's (it sounds a bit harsh, and I think she was a little bit shocked!) Instead of the eyedrops, she just had breastmilk put it the corners of her eye's. But I think it has actually worked, her eye's are definatly noticably clearer. It is said that breastmilk can also be used to clear a blocked nose, ear infections and even nappy rash!

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  1. Wow! Isn't that amazing?!! Glad she is doing better.